Make a crown from leaves or petals

Make a natural crown decorated with petals and leaves to celebrate summer.

Make a crown from leaves or petals

What you'll need

  • A strip of card about 10cm wide, that is long enough to wrap around your head with a slight overlap

  • Double sided sticky tape

  • Scissors

  • Collecting bag

What to do

  1. To make the crown cut a strip of card 10cm wide and measure it around your head to make sure that it is long enough. Put the piece of card on a flat surface and using the double sided sticky tape place a line of tape in the middle along the whole length of the card.

  2. Go out into your garden or for a walk in your local park and look for lovely petals and leaves that have fallen to the ground – don’t pick off the plants! Carefully put them in your collecting bag and take them home.

  3. Take the top layer of the sticky tape away so that it feels sticky to touch and design and decorate your crown by placing petals and leaves on to the card. Leave a space at each end with no petals and leaves, so that you can stick the ends together when you have finished.

  4. Ask a grown up to help measure the card round your head so that it fits and press the ends together. Why not have a lovely picnic in your garden wearing your summer crowns?

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