Make a kite

Make a kite to use and enjoy the breezes in your garden or local park.

Make a wind kite

What you'll need

  • A sheet of A2 sugar paper or card (a smaller version can be made with A3)

  • Tissue paper

  • Scissors

  • Coloured paints and brushes

  • Sticky tape or a stapler

  • Hole punch

  • String

  • Cane or stick around 30cm in length

What to do

  1. Paint one side of the paper with a pattern or a picture and leave it to dry.

  2. Cut strips of tissue paper approximately 5 cm wide. Turn the A2 paper so that the painted side is facing down, and attach the ends of the tissue strips to one long side of the A2 paper using sticky tape.

  3. Turn the A2 paper in to a cylinder shape with the painted pattern on the outside. Staple at the top and bottom and use sticky tape to secure on the inside.

  4. At the other end of the cylinder (and the tissue strips), punch a hole at either side. Cut some string and thread it through each hole and tie.

  5. Attach the string to the cane.

  6. Go outside and run, holding your kite behind you.

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