Make a super skittles game

Make these super skittles to play with in the garden - how will you decorate them?

Make a super skittles game

What you'll need

  • 10 small clean plastic drink bottles with lids

  • Sand or gravel

  • PVA glue

  • Paint and brushes

  • Collage materials (fabric, paper, ribbon)

  • Felt tips

  • A small ball

What to do

  1. Clean and dry the clear plastic drinks bottles.

  2. Fill each of the bottles with 5cm of either sand or small gravel. This is to stop the skittles blowing over if it is windy.

  3. Now the fun part - decide how to decorate your skittles. You could decorate them as people, flowers, bugs or animals.

  4. If you are painting the bottles, mix a little PVA glue in with the paint to help it stick. When the paint is dry, add a layer of glue over the top to make it waterproof.

  5. When your skittles are decorated, take them in the garden and set them up in a triangle shape in rows – one skittle, two skittles, three and four skittles in each row.

  6. Play the game with your family – who can knock down the most skittles and be the champion?


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