Victorian Christmas decorations

Victorian Christmas trees weren’t decorated with fairy lights and tinsel - people used candles, ribbons and orange pomanders. Have a go at making your very own Victorian tree decoration.

Make a Victorian Christmas decoration

What you'll need

  • An orange

  • Whole cloves

  • Coloured ribbon

  • Some pins

What to do

  1. Cut two pieces of ribbon that will fit around the orange and leave a bit extra to make a loop.

  2. Use a pin to fasten the ribbon to the orange, with one piece of ribbon going crossing over the other piece at the top and bottom. You will now have four quarters to fill with cloves.

  3. Sometimes the cloves can be pushed into the orange if it is soft, otherwise you can use a knitting needle or a strong toothpick to make small holes in your orange and then fit a clove carefully into each hole.

  4. It looks fantastic! Use it to decorate your tree or as a present.

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