Make super plant labels

Make some plant labels to use in your garden at home but don’t forget they need to be weatherproof! It’s great to make inside on a rainy day.

Make super plant labels

What you'll need

  • Card

  • Felt tips

  • Sticky backed plastic

  • Lolly sticks

  • Scissors

What to do

  1. Draw your shape on card; remember to make it larger enough to write on.

  2. You could draw a pumpkin shape for pumpkin seeds for example or a butterfly for butterfly friendly flowers.

  3. Cut out the shape carefully and colour or decorate it.

  4. Make your shape weatherproof by covering it with sticky back plastic or laminating it.

  5. Stick your shape onto the top of a lolly stick.

  6. You can write the name of the plant on the label and the date it was sown if you are sowing seeds.

  7. Don’t forget to place your label at the edge of the pot or by the plant in a flower bed.

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