Make seed bugs

These delightful little creatures are so much fun to make. Simply collect seeds, seed cases and other plant parts that have fallen from trees and bushes and be creative with them.

Make seed bugs

What you'll need

  • A selection of seeds, seed cases and plant parts

  • Wire, twigs or pipe cleaners to make legs

  • Wiggly eyes

  • Glue (a cold melt glue gun or PVA glue)

What to do

  1. Choose a seed to make each part of the insect’s body. You need a head, an abdomen, a thorax, two wings, six legs, a pair of antennae and two eyes.

  2. Glue the different parts of your bug together. You can make a realistic insect or a totally imaginary minibeast – it’s up to you.

  3. Don’t forget to give your bug a name.

Get involved

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