Design with plants

Choosing the right plants can help create the outdoor style you want – here are the key plants to choose to help bring six different garden styles to life

Urban garden plants

With space often at a premium, plants in urban gardens have to perform. Choose wisely, and a classy, modern garden can be yours.

Key plants for urban gardens


Wildlife-friendly garden plants

Bring your garden to life by choosing the right plants - then sit back and enjoy watching the birds, bees, butterflies and more.

Key plants for wildlife-friendly gardens


Trachycarpus-fortuneiMediterranean garden plants

Pulling off a convincing Mediterranean garden is a popular aspiration for many UK gardeners. Start with a few choice plants however, and you won't go far wrong.

Key plants for Mediterranean gardens


Echinacea purpureaContemporary garden plants

Along with a crisp, geometric layout, contemporary gardens need plants that will fit in a strong, architecturally-driven style.

Key plants for contemporary gardens

Buxus sempervirensFormal garden plants

A formal garden design is built around balance, symmetry, straight lines and geometric shapes. There are certainly some plants that fit this style but it can be more a matter of how you use them.

Key plants for formal gardens

Rosa 'Cerise Bouquet'

Cottage garden plants

Cottage-style gardens need verdant and voluptuous planting to get the look - use key plants to help you achieve it.

Key plants for cottage gardens

Garden design tips from Jack Wallington

Get some quick and easy tips from gardener designer, Jack Wallington.

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