Transform a disused space

With increasing amounts of urban spaces being paved over, why not 'green up' an area in your neighbourhood

There are spaces in all our communities that are in need of love and attention. You might have your eye on a former industrial site, a roundabout, an alleyway, a railway station or canal towpath that you’d love to transform with others. The first challenge is to find out who owns the patch of land and gain their permission to adopt it. 

Once you’ve got the go-ahead, there are many ways to green your grey space. You could create a community garden to grow food to share, sow a low-maintenance wildflower meadow for wildlife, develop a space for relaxation or simply ‘green it’ from top to bottom with plants, trees and green walls. What you can grow will of course depend on how big the space is, where it’s located and what you have access to locally, including a watering supply.

Greening grey corners in our communities can be a great way to get new volunteers involved and create new spaces for public benefit. You could also work to improve the local air quality, reduce flood risk and better support wildlife. 

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