Make your area wildlife friendly

Wildlife in Britain is under threat. Create a haven for bees, birds, worms and a whole variety of other wildlife with our helpful tips

Any outdoor space can be nurtured to better support and attract wildlife – be it a community garden, a busy estate, a public thoroughfare, allotment or at home in the family garden. Creating the right habitat for species to find shelter and food is key. Lawns, water features, woodpiles, compost heaps, trees and hedges can all provide a perfect place for wildlife to live.

Wildlife friendly features 

Decorate borders with wildlife-friendly shrubs, add extra features such as bug hotels and bird nesting boxes or allow your space to grow just that little bit wilder. Opt for a range of nectar and pollen-rich plants, including those that produce food at different times of year to support the widest range of species, from pollinators to birds and bats. 

Get 'Wild About Gardens' 

Join our Wild About Gardens campaign, in partnership with The Wildlife Trusts, to specifically champion our high fliers - swifts, swallows and martins, and turn the UK’s estimated 24 million gardens into a network of nature reserves. 

Next steps 

Creating your wildlife friendly space is really easy, here’s some wider information and inspiration to get you started:

Get involved

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