Show Us Your Shoots

We are calling on everyone to ‘Show Us Your Shoots’ and fill our social media feeds with your favourite blooms to celebrate gardening, plants and the positive impact they have on our lives

What is the campaign?

Learn more about ‘Show Us Your Shoots’ and how to get involved:

Get photographing colourful blooms

‘Show Us Your Shoots’ is an interactive social media initiative inviting you to take part and share photos and videos on your Instagram feeds of beautiful flowers, plants and trees that are special to you.

Make sure to tag @the_rhs and use the hashtag #ShowUsYourShoots to help spread the joy of gardening, the power of plants and the positive impact they can have on our lives at a time when millions of people are expected to be gardening.

“It’s nice when people take pictures of the plants they love, like plants that were given to you or a cutting that you’ve nurtured.”

Mary Berry, RHS Ambassador

Wondering what you can show to take part? The ‘Shoots’ can be anything meaningful, or even something you’ve seen that brings you joy. From a flower bursting through cracks in the pavement that make you feel determined to overcome adversity, to the tree on your street that brightens your walk to work, or even the spindly tomato plant you feel proud to have grown from seed to the colourful blooms in your garden that remind you of a loved one.

Let’s fill our feeds with flowers with #ShowUsYourShoots

Share an interesting alpine plant in a container

Show us the fruit you’re proud to have grown

Explore a field of English lavender

“Even if it’s a wildflower popping up between a crack in a paving or a houseplant...‘Show Us Your Shoots’.”

Matt Pottage, RHS Wisley Curator

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