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Botanical name: Anthurium

Common name: flamingo flower

Anthuriums add a splash of tropical colour to any bright, warm room, producing vibrant, long-lasting displays of flower-like ‘spathes’ above their glossy leaves. 


The showy flower-like ‘spathes’ can be red, orange, pink or white, depending on the cultivar, and have a central spike, or spadix, that’s often cream or yellow. The leaves are lush, green and glossy. A few species are grown purely for their attractive foliage, boldly veined with silver. Compact but spectacular, anthuriums usually grow to about 30cm (1ft) tall.


Anthuriums like warmth (16–30°C/60–85°F), bright but indirect light and high humidity. They need an open, fast-draining, acidic compost mix, and rainwater or filtered water. Feeding with a weak orchid fertiliser will boost leaf and flower production. 


The leaves will scorch in direct summer sunlight, while too little light will prevent flowering. Anthuriums can be damaged or killed by temperatures of 10°C (50°F) or lower, or by cold water – let it warm to room temperature before applying. Anthuriums dislike hard (alkaline) tap water – rainwater is best to keep them thriving. Leaving them in soggy compost for long periods will cause the roots to rot.

Did you know?

All parts of anthuriums are toxic, so wear gloves when handling them and keep plants out of reach of children and pets.  

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