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Cacti seem to be getting trendier by the minute. They’re everywhere from DIY stores and pound shops to specialist nurseries and funky boutiques. There’s a galaxy of different forms, colours and textures, but broadly speaking they all have similar growing requirements. So get growing and have some fun curating your own displays of these fascinating, easy houseplants.

NHKF17015.JPGCombine cacti with different shapes and textures to make a long-lasting, elegant display. Simple grey or white containers create a modern, understated look.

NHKF17018.JPGAlternatively, use brightly-coloured pots to make a statement. The greens and greys of cacti combine well with many colours.

Expert tips: how to look after your cacti
  1. Give them a sunny spot - they don’t like shade
  2. Remember they need water, just like other plants! Water them once a week from above, let the water run through the pot. Never leave them standing in water.
  3. Repot them when their roots fill the pot
  4. Don’t forget to feed them - give them a high potash plant food every other watering between mid-spring and mid-August
  5. Watch out for pests, especially mealybug and red spider mite.
[Tips from RHS Gold medal winner and cactus grower Bryan Goodey at Cactusland in Lincolnshire - read more in Growing passions – cacti]

Use white gravel as a mulch over the top of the soil. This will smarten the look of your cactus collection. Learn to tell if the plant needs watering by lifting the pot gently, if it feels lighter than normal, it’s time to find the watering can.

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 British Cactus & Succulent Society

RHS advice: How to grow cacti and succulents

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