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Botanical name: Persea americana

Grow your own tropical avocado plant from the seed inside a shop-bought fruit. It’s an easy and fun project, and you’ll have an attractive leafy houseplant that will grow well on a warm, bright windowsill for several years.


Avocado plants grow rapidly from seed, forming a slender tree with large, oval, glossy leaves. They are tender, so are grown as potted houseplants, and will reach 1m (3⅓ft) or more in favourable conditions.


They like warmth, plenty of light, regular watering and humidity. Feed fortnightly in summer, and monthly in winter, to encourage strong, healthy growth. Seeds germinate readily in water or moist compost.


These tender plants dislike low temperatures and are best kept above 13°C (55°F). Mature plants may be more resilient but are not usually frost-proof. They don’t like soggy or very dry compost.

Did you know?

Although avocado plants won’t usually flower or fruit when grown as houseplants, they do add a tropical touch to a bright room and are a fun challenge to grow from seed.

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