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Autumn and winter-flowering camellias

Slightly less hardy than spring-flowering camellias, you can grow these shrubs in sheltered gardens or containers placed in an unheated greenhouse or conservatory over winter. Some are suitable for training up a wall. They are sometimes known as ‘sasanquas’.


These camellias have single, semi-double or peony- or anemone-form flowers with soft petals. A few varieties have scented flowers. Some forms are compact and slow growing.


These camellias need a sunny site, sheltered from wind and cold in winter (such as near a house wall or fence). Acidic soil is essential. In containers, use an ericaceous (acidic) compost.


Plants will fail to thrive when grown on alkaline soils and are unlikely to flower well in full shade.

Did you know?

Once rarely seen in gardens, these plants (mainly forms of Camellia sasanqua) have been bred with hardier types to create a range for general garden use.

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Growing plants in containers

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Preventing winter damage

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