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Botanical name: Clivia

Common name: Clivia

Clivias are easy-care houseplants that bring bright exotic blooms to our homes through spring and summer.


The small, trumpet-shaped flowers, in various shades of yellow, orange and red, are held in large eye-catching clusters. They stand on tall stems, above the long, arching, glossy leaves.


These tender plants like filtered or indirect light, in a warm room or heated conservatory. Water regularly from spring to autumn. In winter, move to a cooler position and reduce watering, to prepare them for flowering.


Keep plants out of direct sun, as the leaves scorch easily. Clivias can’t stand soggy compost and temperatures below 5°C (41°F). Still, they may fail to flower if you keep them too cosy and well-watered over winter.

Did you know?

Originating in South Africa, clivias are woodland plants, which is why they’re happy in the low light conditions in our homes. To mimic their native climate, you should also give them cooler, drier conditions over winter – this will encourage them to flower in spring.

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