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Common name: Angel's fishing rod

With their long arching stems hung with pink bell-like flowers, it’s clear to see why these elegant plants are also known as angel’s fishing rods. Their swaying stems bring movement to borders, rising above clumps of grassy evergreen leaves. Plant them in a warm and sheltered spot, where they can bask in full sun.


Dieramas form a clump of grassy evergreen foliage, then in summer send up slender, delicately arching stems dripping with pink, bell-like flowers.


Lots of warmth and sun, and rich, well-drained soil. New plants need watering regularly until settled in, and in subsequent summers will appreciate extra water during dry spells.


They won’t do well in shady or cold locations. Some species aren’t fully hardy, so need to be kept frost free. They won’t tolerate damp conditions, but also don’t like to dry out in summer.

Did you know?

Try to get the planting position right first time, as dieramas don’t like to be moved. They can take a long time to settle back in again and start flowering.

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