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Epimediums are valued for both their foliage and flowers, making useful groundcover in dappled or deep shade. The heart-shaped leaves provide texture and varying colours through the seasons, while the dainty, star-like flowers add extra interest in spring.


Epimediums are low-growing, deciduous, semi-evergreen or evergreen plants with heart-shaped leaves that may be tinted or veined with red or bronze hues. In spring, small, dainty, star-like flowers, in a choice of colours, hang from slender branched stems.


Epimediums do well in a sheltered, shady or partially shaded location. Some need a moist but not waterlogged soil, while others are happy in drier conditions.


Most epimediums won’t grow well in open, sunny sites, especially with dry soil.

Did you know?

Epimediums may not be bold and showy, but they have a delicate, demure charm that belies their resilience. Particularly prized are those that can thrive in dry shade under trees, such as yellow-flowered Epimedium x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’.

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