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Common name: Daylily

With large blooms in a wide choice of colours, hemerocallis are popular, easy-to-grow and long-lived plants. Although individual flowers only last a day, they're produced in rapid succession to create a bountiful display that continues for many weeks.


Rising above a fountain of arching foliage are sturdy stems carrying a succession of trumpet- or star-shaped flowers in summer. These come in a wide choice of colours, with petals often patterned with additional hues.


These easy-going plants are happy in most types of soil, especially fertile, free-draining, moist conditions. They flower more prolifically in full sun.


Daylilies don’t like sitting in waterlogged soil, and may stop flowering in drought conditions. They’ll also flower poorly in shade.

Did you know?

Young hemerocallis plants initially produce a single ‘fan’ of leaves, then sprout additional fans as they establish, eventually forming large, long-lived clumps. You will often find them for sale as ‘single fan’ or ‘double fan’ young plants, or as larger specimens.

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