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Botanical name: Leucanthemum

Common name: Shasta daisy, ox-eye daisy

Covered in cheery daisy flowers all summer, these easy-to-grow sun-lovers are traditional favourites for borders and cottage-garden schemes. You can choose from long-lasting perennial types and short-lived, compact annuals. The UK native ox-eye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) is ideal for wildflower plantings.


The daisy flowers, with white or sometimes soft yellow petals, are carried on strong upright stems, above mounds of usually dark green foliage. Some cultivars have flowers with frilly or downward-sloping outer petals.


Leucanthemums grow well in most soils that drain easily. They flower best in full sun, but can tolerate light shade.


They dislike soil that is permanently wet or excessively dry, and don’t flower well in deep shade.

Did you know?

There are over 30 species of Leucanthemum, originating from Europe and temperate Asia, where they grow in various locations including rocky alpine slopes, moist meadows, grassland and wasteland. They used to be included in the genus Chrysanthemum.

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