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Bedding ranunculus

Botanical name: Ranunculus

Common name: Persian buttercups

These are short-term beauties, ideal as summer bedding, adding vibrant colour to sunny borders and containers. They are also popular as cut flowers. Plant dormant tubers in autumn or winter or buy young plants in spring.


In early summer, flowers open in glowing shades of pink, yellow, orange, purple, red or white, either bowl-shaped or packed with multiple satin petals. Robust and stocky, usually about 30cm tall, these plants have parsley-like leaves.


These colourful buttercups need a sunny site, ideally very sheltered, in soil that drains freely. In containers, use loam-based compost with added grit, perlite or vermiculite to improve drainage.


They dislike exposure to strong wind and wet soil. They won’t flower in shade.

Did you know?

Plants die back after flowering. Although the tubers can in theory be stored for use the following year, this is unlikely to be successful, and plants are best replaced annually.

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