Growing guide

How to grow ranunculus

Ranunculus range from hardy, low growing perennials, useful in borders or meadows, to buttercups that thrive on the edge of ponds and streams. The satin-like petals of Persian buttercups are ideal in containers and as bedding plants but like alpine ranunculus, benefit from specialist care to flower well.

Quick facts

  • Prefer moist soils that don’t dry out
  • Flower in spring and early summer
  • Buttercups will not flower in deep shade
  • Meadow and bog buttercups are an early source of nectar
  • Persian buttercups (Ranunculus asiaticus) are good cut flowers
  • Creeping buttercup (Ranunculus repens) can be a weed
  • Contact with the sap may irritate the skin

All you need to know

Before you get started
Ongoing care
While we think all this information will be helpful to you, we always recommend to read the instruction labels on your plants.

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