Every garden, however small, should have at least one tree. Full of character and charm, these long-lasting plants bring height, year-round structure, and beauty across the seasons. They are easy to grow, wildlife friendly and come in all shapes and sizes, so there are options for every garden. 


Trees have a permanent woody structure – usually a single trunk and a network of branches. Some grow quite large, but there are plenty of smaller options too. Most offer an array of attractive features, including decorative foliage, flowers, fruits and bark. Some keep their leaves all year, while others are leafless over winter.


Most trees like an open, sunny spot and fertile soil, not too dry and not too wet. Make sure larger types have plenty of room to grow and spread out their branches.


Newly planted trees won’t fare well if they are buffeted by strong winds, as this can loosen their roots. So tie them to a robust stake for the first few years, until the roots are firmly established.

Did you know?

Trees are good for our health and well-being – studies show that hospital patients heal more quickly and need fewer painkillers if their window gives a view of trees.

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