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Common name: Weigela

Flowering in late spring to early summer, weigelas are easy-to-grow deciduous shrubs that combine with evergreen shrubs to provide a backdrop to later-flowering plants. Their trumpet-like flowers mostly in whites, pinks, reds and purples but also yellow are popular with the bees. 


Upright to spreading in habit, some weigelas reach up to 3m in height. Recent breeding has introduced some more compact cultivars with a height and spread of 1.5m (4-5ft) or below. Leaves are a matt green, but some are bronze, purple or variegated with cream edges. Trumpet-like flowers, produced in late spring to early summer, are white, pink, red or yellow, sometimes with speckled throats. These shrubs are deciduous, loosing their leaves in winter.


Weigelas are tolerant of many soil types and are happy in sun or light, dappled shade. Varieties with coloured or variegated leaves do need sufficient light to develop leaf colour but can scorch in hot sun.


 For plants to thrive, avoid very dry or waterlogged soils. Also site out of full shade as this will affect flowering.

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Sheffield Botanical Gardens hold a National Collection of Weigela. It shows their diveristy on its Friends' Twitter feed

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