Dry gardenThe impact of a changing climate is now firmly at the top of the scientific, political and environmental agendas. The RHS is looking at the changing climate in terms of what is grown in the UK and how best to grow it.

We are aware of the potential impact of climate change on plants in terms of when they come into leaf, flower and bear fruit. This can have a critical effect on wildlife. Other impacts are in terms of climate extremes and the resilience of garden plants.

We are currently working on a number of projects on climate change. Our research at the University of Reading is looking at how plants can help to reduce urban temperatures. We are also looking at how plants can help insulate buildings and which plants are best to use for green roofs.

Gardening advice for a changing climate

A changing climate could have consequences for all gardeners, so we have plenty of information relating to topics on what may happen and what best to do. If you can’t find the topic you are looking for then search RHS Advice.

How changing climates affect pests and diseases

In a changing climate, a possible tide of new and existing organisms, some of which could be potential pests and diseases, may invade UK gardens.

See RHS information on potential pest problems

See diseases affected by climate change

See RHS information on sustainable watering in gardens

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