Greening up your garden

front gardenGreening towns and cities might sound like a grand idea that gets undertaken by your local authority but, in fact, it is easy to take simple steps in your own garden.

From planting a wall shrub to growing a few more plants for wildlife, it can really make a difference. While you may only own a small garden, if lots of people do something, the results will really add up.

Four ways to 'green up' your garden

Plant climbers and wall shrubs

You can even go up the wall with plants by installing planting systems.

Using these leafy coverings helps insulate homes in winter (reducing heating bills) and keeps them cooler in summer.

You can even go up the wall with plants by installing green-wall planting systems.

Grow plants for wildlife

When it comes to encouraging wildlife, it's a case of the more plants the better. Aim to grow as many different types of plant as you can, including natives, and provide as much cover as possible. This should help ensure that you provide food and shelter at most times of year.

Use permeable paving

Think carefully before you pave over your front garden. Where paving is necessary, keep the area as small as possible and use permeable materials (planning permission is required for non-permeable materials). These measures allow the rainwater to soak into the soil, rather than causing flooding.

Plant a tree

Trees are amazing when it comes to providing benefits. They provide homes and food for wildlife; help cool the air on hot summer days; and reduce the risk of flooding by capturing rain on their leaves; some will even help clean the air. To get the maximum benefits, go for the biggest tree you can manage in your garden, but if small is all you can manage take a look at our selection of trees for smaller gardens.


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