Garden Inspiration: The Dew Pond

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  • A skillfully-recreated wildflower meadow, full of ragged robin Lychnis flos-cuculi tumbles to the water's edge
  • The countryside feel continues with honey-coloured stone walling and a traditional laid hedge which together form the boundaries of the garden
  • A timber-framed garden retreat looks out over the pond, making a delightful resting place from which to enjoy the sights and sounds of wildlife

About the Garden

Offering a vision of future gardens that are sustainable, productive and conserve biodiversity, this garden makes a small step change to counter the effects of global warming. Water is stored by the pond and  the solar energy system stores electricity for use in the building.

Dew ponds are rooted in our agricultural heritage and provide a rich habitat for wildlife that can be enjoyed relaxing on the deck or from the shelter of the garden room – all constructed from locally managed timber.

A small orchard area contains old fruit tree cultivars and the woodland backdrop of silver birch, purple hazel and anemones represents the natural canopy found in our woodlands. 

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