Grace & Dignity

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This multi-faceted garden, with its woodland glade and interlocking circles, represents the life work and passion of an elderly woman called Mrs Grace. The garden is a source of joy to her, its creation and realization a powerful reminder of her ability to see and create beauty through hard work, as well as a place in which she escaped difficult personal circumstances. Through personal endeavor she has reclaimed her dignity.
Each circle has a different tone and purpose. Together they represent the lenses of the light colour spectrum through which the viewer will read different meanings.
A decorative rill emanates from the circular protective walling at the rear of the garden. It waters the bold and bright herbaceous showy blooms in the circle at the front. To the side is a glade of birch trees underplanted with native and cultivated plants. A carved oak seat provides a place from which to observe and enjoy the garden, while a cobbled and turf path joins the spaces together.

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