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Discover the specialist nurseries that we're shining a spotlight on in 2019

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Nurseries up and down the country do stellar jobs each year breeding and producing plants for us to enjoy in our gardens. Here at the RHS, we celebrate the hard work of nurseries and growers at our flower shows through our Master Grower scheme.

The RHS Master Grower highlights those that we think have gone above and beyond their call of duty, with five leading nurseries being featured at our flower shows throughout the season. 

You’ll find the Master Grower with a showstopping display in the shows' Marquees – or if you're at Chelsea, look out for all five in the Great Pavilion. You can discover the story behind the nursery, ask questions and discover their techniques for success.

We’ll be revealing tips and tricks from our Master Growers online soon, but for now take a look at who we’ve selected as our chosen five in 2019.

Who are this year’s Master Growers?

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What makes a Master Grower? 

With so many nurseries and growers up and down the country, it can be difficult to choose just five. To get selected, all of our Master Growers must:
  • Propagate a high percentage of plant material at their own nursery
  • Use methods that are ethical and sustainable where possible
  • Be involved with plant breeding or the development of new varieties
  • Produce a range of unusual, garden-worthy plants
  • Support the RHS Shows and the RHS Gardens
  • Have achieved past awards and medals
  • Give great customer service

The 2018 Master Growers

Revisit the Master Growers from our 2018 shows. 


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