Bodmin Jail: 60° East – A Garden Between Continents

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  • Cloud-pruned pines bring to mind gardens of East Asia while achilleas, alchemillas and a backdrop of a field maple hedge remind visitors of Europe
  • Moss creeping over the edges of the boulders and the rich planting scheme give the impression of a well-established garden

About the garden

60° East: A Garden Between Continents at the border between continents, draws upon east and west to create a unique blend of European and Asian planting palettes, brought together in a sweeping naturalistic composition evocative of the unsurpassed beauty of the Ural Mountain landscapes; its peaks, forests, rivers and slopes. Inspired by a garden in the heart of the metropolis of Yekaterinburg, 60° East is a green jewel amid towering architecture.

Visitors can discover what might grow in a climate that sees annual lows of -20°C, and may be surprised by some familiar faces. Filled with joyous colour, this magnetically-inviting place invigorates the soul, calms the mind and draws visitors on a journey leading up to tumbling cascades and a pool, gracefully overshadowed by willow, rock and pine, capturing the magic of the Ural Mountains.

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