The Jeremy Vine Texture Garden

Smooth paving, a wall of water, vertical planting and mounds of tactile foliage - this garden is packed with wonderful textures

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From the show

  • This garden has to be touched to be fully appreciated. The polished wall at the back of the garden has been designed to run your left hand over, leading you into a sunken seating area where rounded stone seats are framed with spiky Pinus mugo - giving contrast between the hard and soft
  • The hard, angular wall is punctuated with soft rounded moss balls - just inviting you to touch them
  • The feature Pinus mugo are all clipped in a different manner, some hard, some soft, to give a different texture and appearance, plus the cones give even more contrast
  • The weather provided the biggest challenge to the team, with the rendered wall needing time to set
  • Matt Keightley's favourite feature is the planting and the way that it provides a subtle accompanyment to the harder textures

At the garden

This immersive, tactile garden features bold geometric forms juxtaposed with a soft, elegant planting palette. The angular rear wall, with grainy, sloping sides, creates a protective boundary. Smooth pathways present a pleasant surface on which to tread and domed rocks offer an appealing place to sit awhile. Precisely clipped hedging, feathery grasses, architectural ferns and velvety mosses blend in this welcoming space in which to relax.

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