The Linklaters Garden for Maggie’s

A secluded, calming and private space that gives beauty and respite for those suffering from cancer

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From the show

  • A 3m high hedged garden 'room' gives privacy and seclusion for people to relax within
  • Glimpses through a wooden gate and gaps in the hedge hint at the beautiful garden within
  • Basalt based concrete has been used in myriad ways, from highly polished to roughly hewn 
  • Planting softens the hard edges of the concrete and water features

At the garden

The pioneering vision of the late Maggie Keswick Jencks, who understood the need for people with cancer to have access to restorative green spaces, is the inspiration for this garden.

Several of the garden’s features come from a cuboid of concrete broken apart to form benches, garden buildings and a water feature, that can be reassembled as a single mass. These elements demonstrate how life can be put back together when it has been blown apart following a cancer diagnosis.

This secret garden, which creates a sanctuary by being enveloped in a three-metre/10-foot-high perimeter hedge, can be glimpsed through wooden gates and slots in the hedge, before being revealed from an elevated position at the back of the garden.

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