The World Horse Welfare Garden

Superbly detailed recreation of an overgrown, rundown paddock complete with derelict stable, wild planting and equine sculpture created from horseshoes

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From the show

  • The walls and stable look centuries old yet recently created for the show
  • Dark overgrown feel of garden reflects the plight of a horse neglected and abused
  • Pebble-lined stream flowing through the garden
  • Wide range of native plants on show including ragged robin, cow parsley and nettles

At the garden

This garden is inspired by the work of charity World Horse Welfare, which is celebrating a 90-year legacy of helping horses, thanks to the generosity of its supporters, and its desire to highlight the plight of abandoned and neglected ‘invisible horses’ around the world.

It tells the simple story of a horse rescued from a small, abandoned and derelict stable in a dark corner of the garden. He has been nursed back to health by the charity and now lives in a bright, open meadow in a more suitable environment under the charity’s care, where he can thrive and eventually be rehomed. A deliberately narrow stream runs through the meadow.

The garden is designed to be thought-provoking and emotive, encouraging visitors to reflect on the plight of neglected and abused horses and take action to help them. The garden has been kindly funded by a private donor.

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