Skin Deep

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Did you know...

  • The ingenious use of water, in place of the paving stones, showcases a unique way to subtly incorporate water into a garden
  • Iris, foxgloves and ferns, in muted tones, complement the grey-scale colouring of the concrete blocks
  • Texture and height are key in this garden. From the softness of the ferns to the city-scape like structure of the concrete, the initial simplicity of the garden is hugely deceiving

About the garden

Skin Deep is a conceptual garden created for an established UK skincare company. Concrete blocks have been used to represent people with varying skin conditions that we all encounter. Our outer skin layer reflects our life story and reveals to the world our joys, stresses and worries in the form of everything from birthmarks to wrinkles. It is a window into our genetic past. This concept is echoed in the garden’s textural planting scheme.

The plants used have been chosen for their form and texture, subtly reflecting different skin conditions. The path leads through a virtual cityscape sculpture to an area for contemplation on the story our own skin tells. Individually we may feel that we are weakened by our appearance but when we see that collectively we are not alone we can be strong.

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