The Pearlfisher Garden

Space to Grow

Did you know...

  • More than 300 cultured fish and other marine lifeforms live in the garden's suspended ocean
  • As the sun shines through the glass ceiling over the garden dappled shadows appear on the Portland stone, mirroring the ocean-like movement of the water
  • A quote from Shakespeare’s The Tempest is debossed into sheet steel around the garden. As the steel disintegrates so too will the quote – mirroring the loss of beauty if we don’t look after our oceans

About the garden 

Designed to celebrate the beauty of the vast underwater garden of our great oceans, this garden consists of a series of aquatic tanks, hosting ocean plants, coral and fish that surround the central feature of a three-dimensional pearl diver.

The planting is dominated by cacti and succulents to imitate the structure and form of underwater coral. Suspended Tillandsia adds an algae effect, its form reminiscent of a plant suspended in fluid.

The Pearlfisher Garden, in partnership with Plastic Oceans, highlights the irrevocable impact of plastic waste on our precious ecosystems and is a call to action to brands, businesses and designers to create sustainable lifecycles for products and packaging.

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