Houseplant Studios return to RHS Chelsea

The 2022 House Plant Studios immersed visitors in houseplant habitats and offered ideas on how to create a plant-filled paradise at home

Houseplant Studios returned to RHS Chelsea Flower Show with a sensory experience packed with inspiration for creating your own houseplant haven. With plenty of colour, texture and life, the displays revealed the many therapeutic and practical benefits plants can bring to our living spaces.

Party plants

Awarded Best Houseplant Studio at RHS Chelsea 2022

Visitors dived into a 70’s throwback at the Malvern Garden Buildings Planet Studio. Retro classics and wonderful houseplant oddities collided in a space inspired by the iconic NYC nightclub, Studio 54. Lava lamps and colourful lighting were spotted alongside the houseplant filled dancefloor, a planted coat-check and a bar, which offered ‘refreshments’ for thirsty partying plants.

Houseplant highlights at RHS Chelsea 2022

Houseplant help

Guests headed to the Happy Houseplants x The Plant Rescuer’s display for a daily Plant Clinic, where they could learn to better care for houseplants in an immersive, interactive space.

The Plant Clinic featured plants with sculptural beauty, which were also affordable, readily available and easy to look after. The jacuzzi acted as a propagation tank with bubbles of oxygen helping cuttings grow roots.

Social media versus reality

A living-room-inspired design filled with indoor plants – some may have been recognisable from your own houseplant collection, and others were rarer, which you may have only seen on social media.

Designed by The Aroid Attic, Social Media Versus Reality was filled from floor to ceiling with greenery. Spanish moss and orchids climbed over a vintage ladder, a glass cabinet was packed with unusual plants and a living chandelier was created from orchids, airplants and gnarled wood.

Sound, vision and touch

A sensory showcase, Botanical Rhapsody, designed by The Edible Bus Stop and sponsored by Close Brothers Asset Management, used technology known as bio-sonification to translate the bio-rhythms of living organisms into sounds.

Visitors played a part in the plant’s ‘music’ by seeing how they responded to being touched, with the experience being enhanced by dynamic lighting changing throughout the day.

Aerial inspiration

This display provided a moment’s break with its heart offering a social space surrounded by climbing and twining plants and rattan.

Designed by The Planted House, A Room To Dance was an aerial indoor garden to be marvelled at – visitors could look up and see trailing, vining and epiphytic plants co-mingling, climbing or cascading from handmade stoneware pots.

Workspace wellbeing

Over the last couple of years many of us have created work-from-home offices, searching for a way to balance productivity and downtime in our home environments. The Plant Workshop’s The Grass is Greener Where You Water It was bursting with houseplant delights and fantastic foliage, which created a nurturing, productive and stress-reducing space – perfect for filling a home office.

Some of the plants you might see in the studios

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