Gardens for the future at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

The world’s greatest flower show is bursting with horticultural inspiration in a year which promises to be the most sustainable yet

The National Autistic Society Garden

Sustainable and beautiful

The eight Show gardens and eight Sanctuary gardens bring both resilience and joy to the show, with planting schemes and cutting-edge designs, which promise to provide beautiful floral displays and inspiring take-home ideas.

With a relocation plan and a sustainability calculation in place for every garden at the show, 2024 sees a renewed commitment by the RHS; leading the way in championing responsible and innovative techniques in horticulture.

Celebrating trees

The National Garden Scheme Garden
This year’s must-see gardens of the Show are delivered by an incredible line-up of both established medal-winning designers, and fresh faces, cutting the turf at Chelsea for the first time.

RHS Chelsea veteran Tom Stuart-Smith’s National Garden Scheme Garden celebrates the majesty of native British woodland with a hazel coppice and underplanting, some of which has been supplied by National Garden Scheme garden owners.

Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Forest Bathing Garden, designed by Ula Maria, harnesses the therapeutic power of nature, with over 40 birch trees enveloping the garden, creating an oasis of tranquillity in the middle of London.

Using water wisely

WaterAid Garden
Designer Tom Massey and architect Je Ahn unite to create a vision of what garden water management could look like in the future in their WaterAid Garden, using resilient planting and cutting-edge technology to deal with a changing climate.

Flood Re: The Flood Resilient Garden
The Flood Re: The Flood Resilient Garden by Naomi Slade & Ed Barsley turns the problem of too much water into a beautiful opportunity, with lush foliage and colourful planting.

The joy of gardens

The Boodles Garden
The Boodles Garden is a feast for the eyes and the soul. Designer Catherine MacDonald uses plants as her paints to celebrate great works of art. While Ann-Marie Powell and the Blue Diamond team celebrate the universality of enjoying wildlife and access to green spaces, with their tribute to a renowned social reformer, in The Octavia Hill Garden by Blue Diamond with The National Trust.

The Octavia Hill Garden by Blue Diamond with The National Trust“We are proving that great design and sustainability go hand in hand”
Gemma Lake, Show Manager

All the Show gardens

St James’s Piccadilly. Imagine the World to be Different designed by Robert Myers
Sponsor: Project Giving Back / St James’s Piccadilly
Contractor: Stewart Landscape Construction

Stroke Association’s Garden for Recovery designed by Miria Harris
Sponsor: Project Giving Back / Stroke Association
Contractor: Landform Consultants Limited

Muscular Dystrophy UK: Forest Bathing Garden designed by Ula Maria
Sponsor: Project Giving Back / Muscular Dystrophy UK
Contractor: Crocus

The National Autistic Society Garden designed by Sophie Parmenter & Dido Milne
Sponsor: Project Giving Back / The National Autistic Society
Contractor: Landform Consultants

The National Garden Scheme Garden designed by Tom Stuart-Smith
Sponsor: Project Giving Back / The National Garden Scheme
Contractor: Crocus

Terrence Higgins Trust Bridge to 2030 Garden designed by Matthew Childs
Sponsor: Project Giving Back / The Terrence Higgins Trust
Contractor: Yoreland Design Ltd

WaterAid Garden designed by Tom Massey and Je Ahn
Sponsor: Project Giving Back / WaterAid
Contractor: Landscape Associates

The Octavia Hill Garden by Blue Diamond with the National Trust designed by Ann-Marie Powell with the Blue Diamond Team
Sponsor: Blue Diamond / National Trust
Contractor: The Landscaping Consultants

All the Sanctuary gardens

The Boodles Garden designed by Catherine MacDonald
Sponsor: Boodles
Contractor: Gadd Brothers Trees & Landscapes

Flood Re: The Flood Resilient Garden​ designed by Naomi Slade & Ed Barsley
Sponsor: Flood Re

World Child Cancer’s Nurturing Garden designed by Giulio Giorgi
Sponsor: Project Giving Back / World Child Cancer UK
Contractor: Landesigns Ltd

Burma Skincare Initiative Spirit of Partnership Garden designed by Helen Olney
Sponsor: Burma Skincare Initiative / Sanofi / British Dermatological Nursing Group / The No. 7 Beauty Company
Contractor: Conquest Creative Spaces

MOROTO no IE designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara
Sponsor: G-Lion Group

The Freedom from Torture Garden: A Sanctuary for Survivors designed by John Warland & Emma O’Connell
Sponsor: Project Giving Back / Freedom from Torture
Contractor: Living Landscapes

The Bridgerton Garden designed by Holly Johnston
Sponsor: Netflix
Contractor: Stewart Landscape Construction

The Greatest Show in Earth

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