Showground installations

Flourishing amid the gardens, see all of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show displays of floral creativity and wonder

RHS Letters

By Pinstripes & Peonies

This year’s RHS Letters installation is by florists Pinstripes & Peonies. Enshrouded in a spectacular mass of heavenly, blousy, UK grown peonies, and intertwined with further blooms and plants to provide complementary bursts of colour. Sourced and constructed following eco-friendly principles, after the Show, the plants will be planted out in Herbert Morrison Primary School in London, with the flowers composted on the school grounds.

Timeless Expressionism

By MHLK Collective Garden Design London​

Bold strokes of hot pink and vibrant purples, inspired by ME+EM’s summer collection, make a confident statement amid a verdant tapestry, weaving abstract expressionism with timeless allure. Here, among the lush foliage, every petal represents resilience; structural perennials stand tall to embody the enduring strength of women; and ornamental grasses offer a refuge from the urban cacophony.

Sponsored by ME+EM

Abeba Esse

By Zak Ové and Dave Green Gardens

This garden depicts a Black Diasporic journey, from Africa to the Caribbean, and ultimately the UK. Visitors are led down a path through changing landscapes, encountering artist Zak Ové’s Invisible Man sculptures along their journey. Finally a quintessential English garden, features plants typically found in stately homes, indicative of the power and wealth accrued in the UK through slavery. Botanical labels record the names of historical figures, institutions and corporations who benefited from investments in slavery.

Sponsored by the Saatchi Gallery

A Roman Garden

By Katie Lewis & Stephen Herrington

In its third year as official headline sponsor, The Newt in Somerset: A Roman Garden follows the style of the 1st century ad, maximising light and air within a compact space. Every inch shows the Romans’ careful eye for design and the interplay between nature and architecture. Aesthetic choices of colour, fragrance and ornamental planting create a moment of joy and repose, while medicinal planting highlights the Romans’ knowledge of the health and wellbeing properties of plants.



Embellishing the beautiful structure of the Bullring Gate, BONES is inspired by the ‘bare bones of floristry mechanics’ and the often hidden tricks of the trade used by floral artists to create largescale installations. The colour palette majors on green, including uncanny, architectural and unusual plants and flowers, and the exhibit makes a feature of planet friendly floristry methods and materials.

Even a Wallflower Can Bloom

By Poppy Sturley

This year’s London Gate installation celebrates the launch of the latest season of Bridgerton, and the story of Penelope Featherington – a character often described as a wallflower and all-too-often overlooked by her peers. Floral artist Poppy Sturley’s design is an exuberant celebration of Penelope’s ambition and gutsy nature, with a bold colour palette of British-grown flowers deployed to communicate that she is not the wallflower people assume her to be.

Sponsored by Netflix

Ranelagh Gardens Floral Dens

By Pinstripes & Peonies

Explore the paths and dappled walkways of the tree-covered Ranelagh Gardens to discover an enchanted woodland garden made up of a series of fairy-tale floral dens. Designed in quintessential summery tones of blues, purples, pinks and whites, and constructed with a whimsical blend of hydrangeas, heucheras, gauras, jasmines, peonies and delphiniums. These magical little hideouts will spark joy in visitors of all ages.

Floral installations

The Great Pavilion houses even more spectacular displays which look and smell delicious

Floral Fun and Games in Belgravia

By Belgravia in Bloom

Belgravia in Bloom brings the world of fun and games to life across the neighbourhood with colourful, vibrant installations. This display has been created by Judith Blacklock with support from Westminster Wheels – a
charity that collects old bikes, makes them rideable and donates them to good causes. In this design, a metal structure featuring bikes is covered in moss, and fresh and dried plant material, with figures created from British willow.

AWAKENING-DNA: rooted in nature together

By Moreton Morrell College

This trio of floral sculptures is designed to awaken visitors to the variations of the growing season and
reflect on the beauty and value of nature. Inspired by DNA – the one thing that unites all life on Earth – the design narrates the passage of the seasons through three towering double-helix structures, each with its own botanical identity. A base of lush greens builds in intensity and bursts upwards with a riot of flamboyant reds and purples. These bold colours transition to more muted tones, celebrating the beauty found in nature’s decay.

Vertical Veg

By Chelsea in Bloom

A modern and unusual take on a still life, Vertical Veg uses sustainable mechanics to create an improbable tower of locally sourced, seasonal flowers, fruits and vegetables, all of which are typically found in the kitchen garden. The exhibit forms part of this local neighbourhood’s Chelsea in Bloom event, whose theme this year is ‘Floral Feasts’. With sustainability in mind, all parts of the display will be reused or recycled in future events or through charities.

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