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  • Ferns, ivies, astrantias and hardy geraniums bring cooling greens and whites to the garden; they are punctuated by lime-green Sesleria autumnalis and the bronze foliage of baneberries (Actaea) to give harmonious yet dynamic planting
  • A shallow, rusted steel bowl forms a water feature in the centre of the garden - its reflective power enhanced by the use of a dye which darkens the water to an inky black
  • Curves feature prominently in this garden. A meandering path encourages visitors to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature; a curved wooden bench sits neatly within one of the bends and sinuous rows of slanting upright oak posts weave through the design, adding year-round drama

About the garden

This is a space to escape the stresses of urban living and be transported from the town or city environment.
Through different design elements, it encourages the visitor to slow down and spend more time reaping the restorative benefits of being in a garden.

A meandering path allows a longer walk in a relatively small space, and the series of timber posts partially obscures the view, creating different viewpoints throughout the garden. A restrained material palette creates simplicity.

The planting is fresh and green, with a rich tapestry of textures, shapes and leaf forms. White and cream flowers create a feeling of calm and brighten up shadier spots.

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