Raised By Rivers

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Did you know...

  • The oak deck serves as the main focal point in this garden and has been designed to invite the visitor to interact with and enjoy the view of the water. The garden highlights how ponds often stand alone, with little seating around them to enjoy the calming effects of water
  • A willow tree, an icon of waterside settings, stands in the corner of the garden, casting a reflection on the water below and providing dappled shade for the planting
  • Woven fencing made from willow surrounds the garden, and is reminiscent of the technique, woven willow spilling, used to artificially reinforce river banks to protect them from erosion

About the garden

Raised By Rivers is inspired by many happy hours spent beside water. It captures the way that water can appeal to so many of our senses and emotions, making us feel anything from completely calm, to playful and
energised. Drawing upon a rural riverside setting, the garden is a space to relax and unwind.

Centred around a secluded oak deck seating area, it is hugged by planting and a natural pond. The pathway leading into the garden is made from oak setts with handmade concrete setts among them. Two handmade water features are tucked in the planting, one a simple reflection bowl and the other a fountain focal point.

The planting emphasises the rich palette of colour and texture found along rivers, including blocks of rustling reed-like grasses and a graceful weeping willow (Salix alba ‘Tristis’). Loose drifts of flowers add highlights of colour.

Thanks also to Allgreen Group and Landscapeplus. 

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