Viking Cruises World of Discovery Garden

Formally styled, Italian influenced garden with lavish planting in outer beds surrounding a restful sunken central patio area, all set in front of an elegant arched classical facade

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Did you know...

  • This beautifully planted garden includes a wide range of plants, some choice and unusual; look out unusual Phytolacca bogotensis with its pink-red stems and flower spikes, dark leaved aster Symphyotrichum lateriflorum 'Lady in Black' and a lofty Metasequoia (dawn redwood)
  • The stepped stone edge leading down from the beds to the central paved area makes a great foil to the lush planting; the simple arched classical facade also makes a great formal backdrop to the whole garden
  • The paving in the sunken area is actually made of porcelain; some random tiles are printed with various patterns, adding a hint of Eastern detail

About the Garden

A couple’s travels across the world with Viking Cruises has inspired this traditional garden. It incorporates plants that grow in far-flung places, inspired by locations visited, and includes herbs and flowering plants in a soft and romantic colour palette.

A triple-arched three-metre-high wall at the back of the garden is influenced by the triumphal Arch of Constantine in Rome and a vast classical urn adds decoration and an alternative focal point. Filled containers overflowing with Mediterranean planting contribute to the multi-layered planting, which wraps around a sunken relaxing space.

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