Designer John Warland’s clever installation explores the uniformity of molecules compared with the randomness of Brownian motion, and how they can apply beyond science to life and nature

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Did you know...

  • The designer wanted to combine science and gardening into something fun and invigorating. The bold use of primary colours in both structure and planting keep it playful
  • Pendulums in the ground keep the movable containers planted with Betula jacquemontii swaying
  • Used within the planting is Clarkia pulchella, a plant famous for its role in the discovery of Brownian Motion

About the Garden

Inspired by particle theory, the symmetrical layout of Kinetica represents the molecular structure of a solid object. Moving kinetic planters shed pollen into pools of water, remembering the discovery of Brownian motion. In an increasingly unstable world, with movement and change all around, only each individual perspective can determine the concept of stability.

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