Not for Sale

An emotional garden representing an African savannah, which aims to share a solemn message about man’s hand in the demise of African elephants

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Did you know...

  • Acacia tortilis, the classic African umbrella tree, is hard to source in the UK so the designers imported the specimens used in this garden from Oman. Other plants used have been sourced by a UK-based African specialist
  • The planting has been kept deliberately scarce and dry so it doesn't detract from the seriousness of the message
  • Approximately 80 mock tusks have been used to create the walkway encircling the garden. The designers of this garden hope that by walking through the tusks, viewers of the garden really reflect on how many elephants are killed every day in Africa

About the Garden

The Not for Sale garden draws attention to the horrendous trade in ivory that continues around the world. Visitors to the garden can walk through an archway that represents the average number of elephants killed each day by poachers in Africa.

The arch opens into an African savannah-inspired garden. Grasses and African planting sit alongside the haunting remnants of a fallen elephant. This could become the horrifying truth for all elephants in the near future if action is not taken.

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