The Power to Make a Difference

Although at first sight this is a garden of rubble, the message is much more than this, by drawing attention to the destructive nature of mankind, it also aims to convey that subsequent regeneration of the wasteland to nurture wildlife and the environment, can be an improvement on the original

Gardens for a Changing World

Did you know...

  • The chaotic structure formed from twisted and folded reinforcing bars represents the chaos of our society
  • A path of crazy paving runs through the garden representing the craziness of modern life, and as the path moves into the planted area of the garden, the mortar between the stones changes to gold, symbolising the benefits of regeneration
  • Many of the materials used in the garden are reclaimed or are installed with minimal environmental impact such as the wood insets in the grass path, which are offcuts from a timber yard

About the Garden

This garden has been created partly to draw awareness to the destructive aspect of humankind. The landscape has been abused and neglected, represented by the littered, rubble-filled wasteland and the remains of trees long since cut down, as well as the changing climate which is highlighted by the melting ice.

There is hope, however, as this garden is also designed to show how regeneration is possible through simple actions such as wildlife-friendly planting, creating habitats for birds, animals and insects and providing water in your garden. It’s these simple things we can all do that will contribute to making the biggest impacts. Even just by taking time to stop and appreciate nature, each one of us has the power to make a difference and each one of us can contribute to creating a better world for us all.

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