Turismo de Galicia: The Pazo’s Secret Garden

A romantic Southern European garden with some surprisingly familiar elements

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Did you know...

  • A garden from Galicia, the heart of 'Green Spain', where the Atlantic influence of the local climate lends a more northern feel
  • Familiar wildflowers and garden plants such as hydrangeas, ferns and wisteria mix with Southern European influences – a pergola, vines and urns
  • Ancient walls enclose a garden of great calm and serenity

About the Garden

Under the walls of an historic Galician palace, or pazo, the visitor discovers this romantic garden. Perhaps the walk has woven through the wider palace grounds, through vineyards, luscious camellia avenues, formal mazes of topiary and wilder, untamed places draped in greenery. Everywhere there is the sound of running water from fresh springs and rivulets. At the end of the walk, the visitor pauses, before passing into the cool interior of the pazo, to reminisce, enjoying a glass of local Albariño wine at a weathered stone table.

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