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Did you know...

  • Short summers in the region mean that the Scandinavians grow few flowers and concentrate on native plants and bringing slight order to the landscape
  • Many native plants are used to supplement the diet - the sap collected from silver birch can be boiled down to a sweet syrup for flavouring, while the young crosiers of ferns are cooked like asparagus
  • The boulder-lined pool represents a natural spring that could have worn away the limestone rocks to create a deep pool into which the plot owners have sunk the plunge pool

About the garden

This celebration of the Nordic lifestyle portrays a typical Scandinavian garden, incorporating sauna and plunge pool, which are traditionally enjoyed by the whole family.
A woodland path leads through the space to a clearing with a stone-paved seating area and a sauna hut with a sedum roof. From here stone boulders lead to a wooden-framed plunge pool edged with cobbles and boulders.
Meadow grass grows around the sauna, while Nordic trees such as silver birch and pines form the woodland edge. Wildflower species and ferns are found all around the garden to reinforce the natural Nordic feel. Many of the plants used in the garden have traditional culinary or medicinal uses.

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