Down Memory Lane

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  • A herringbone brick path leads up to the greenhouse in one corner, and seating in another. A bespoke bench also welcomes people into the garden, while containers full of herbs lend an aromatic sense
  • Reusing of materials is an important theme in this garden, from the recycled greenhouse to an ingenious water feature made from watering cans and old tin baths

About the garden

Being in a garden and gardening are a known source of solace and comfort for people living with dementia and their carers. This garden has been designed to help those people seek calmness as well as provide stimulation of all the senses with a considered selection of sensory planting.

The design incorporates rest points with a bespoke bench and a spot to sit under a fig tree to watch nature. It’s a place to potter and find contentment. The charming potting shed adds character and may trigger memories in those who were keen gardeners. The garden path is wide enough to allow for a carer to be close by.

A palette of pastel-toned, fragrant, flowering plants populate the garden to encourage bees and butterflies. Herbs, lavender and other sensory plants are planted close to the edges of the path so that they release fragrance when brushed past and create soft sounds to help lift the mood.

The emblem of Alzheimer’s Society charity, the forget-me-not, is present with the delicate ditsy plants, a creative carving within the bench and a metal sculpture. The ‘Down Memory Lane’ rose, launched on behalf of Alzheimer’s Society, features, intertwined with fragrant climbers hugging the potting shed.

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