Key plants in The Way of Saint James

Beds are filled with varieties of woodland plants. Trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials that are familiar in Galicia, to represent Galician forests

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Madame Emile Mouillere’

A small deciduous shrub to 1.8m, with large oval leaves and Hortensia-type, rounded heads of white sterile florets, the sepals serrate. Sometimes tinged pink in full sun.


Woodwardia radicans

A robust evergreen fern with arching, ovate, bipinnately divided fronds to 1.5m long, bearing bulbils on the underside towards the tips.


Blechnum spicant

As they age the feathery, dark green fronds of this handsome, evergreen ‘hard fern’ spread semi-horizontally to form an attractive, rosette-like shape. It provides all-year interest for shady areas of the garden and companionship for shade-loving woodland plants.

Lilium martagon var. album

A vigorous bulbous perennial to 2m in height, with whorled leaves and racemes of up to 40 pure white turkscap flowers each 5cm in width.


Camellia japonica ‘Alba Delecta’

Among the most glamorous shrubs, camellias are upright or spreading, glossy-leaved evergreens, with white, pink or red flowers. Impressive in shrub borders, they are also ideal for containers and you can also grow them more informally in light woodland beneath deciduous trees.

(Pictured: Camellia japonica ‘Hakurakuten’)

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