Gardening inspiration to beat the heat this summer

Discover innovative ideas to reduce garden water use at RHS Hampton Court

The Landform Mental Wealth Garden
Drought-tolerant planting schemes and landscaping techniques for managing water use at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival demonstrate how we can all adapt our gardening practices to help make our green spaces more climate resilient.
 Wildlife Trusts Renter's Retreat
For the 1 in 3 rented UK households, The Wildlife Trusts: Renters’ Retreat garden provides ideas of how renters can use their outside spaces to help tackle the climate emergency. A flat-pack design that can be taken down and rebuilt easily utilises hügelkultur (a permaculture system) to create moisture-holding beds that reduce watering needs. The garden also highlights the responsibility of landlords to provide rainwater harvesting systems to help reduce mains water use.
 The Ingrams Working with Nature Garden
The Inghams Working with Nature Garden, designed by Joshua Parker and Matthew Butler, features resilient planting for wet and dry periods and utilises a dry, shallow creek to collect water runoff and divert it into plant-packed sunken swales to reduce reliance on mains water.
 Nurturing Nature in the City
Drought-tolerant planting schemes also feature in Caroline and Peter Clayton’s Nurturing Nature in the City and Queenie Chan’s The Lunar Garden, whilst Inspired Earth Design have taken inspiration from the varied landscapes of America to include a desert themed area using dry, arid planting in America’s Wild presented by Trailfinders and Visit the USA.
 America's Wild, presented by Trailfinders & Visit The USA
Helena Pettit, RHS Director of Gardens & Shows said: “Climatic extremes are becoming increasingly common in the UK and our green spaces will need to adapt to weather them. The gardens at RHS Hampton Court provide plenty of inspiration for visitors to try at home to help make their own gardens more resilient.”

Show Gardens 2023

Cancer Research UK Legacy Garden
designed by Paul Hervey-Brookes

Explore Charleston, Welcome to Charleston
designed by Sadie-May Stowell

The Oregon Garden
designed by Sadie-May Stowell

America’s Wild presented by Trailfinders and Visit the USA
designed by Inspired Earth Design

Korea LH Garden (garden with land)
designed by Danbee Kim

Plastic Fantastic
designed by Hana Leonard 

Get Started Gardens 2023

Wildlife Trust Renter’s Retreat
designed by Zoe Claymore
Nurturing Nature In The City
designed by Viriditas Studio

The Lunar Garden
designed by Queenie Chan
The Landform Mental Wealth Garden
designed by Nicola Hale
Inghams Working With Nature Garden
designed by Butler & Parker 

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