List of organic nurseries selling organic plants in the UK

Where to buy organic plants online or by mail order, for plants that are more sustainably grown and better for pollinators

Buying plants that are free from synthetic pesticides

One of the RHS’ key objectives is to help gardeners to garden responsibly and grow more plants; for instance, we promote non-chemical means of control for gardeners and provide extensive advice on alternatives to pesticides.

For those that prefer to have more confidence that the plants they purchase do not contain residues of synthetic pesticides, we have created a list of nurseries who grow some or all of their plants using organic principles.

We are also eager to continue to work with the horticultural trade and Government to establish how assurance schemes and supply chains can be improved to help buyers and gardeners make informed decisions, such as including information at the point of sale about how plants have been grown.

National Botanic Garden of Wales ‘Saving Pollinators’

The National Botanic Garden of Wales Saving Pollinators scheme guarantees plants produced without the use of synthetic insecticides.

In summer 2020 the Saving Pollinators scheme included 23 Welsh nurseries that have signed up to not use peat or synthetic pesticides on labelled plants and to a list of plants that research at the National Botanic Garden of Wales has shown to be visited by bees (including honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees, along with hoverflies). 

Nurseries who grow using organic principles

The following UK nurseries supply organic plants and offer online sales or mail order. As well as being more sustainably grown, these plants should be free from synthetic pesticides that are harmful to bees.

Adam’s Apples
Tel: 07521 648502
Fruit trees and bushes

Alan’s Jungle Plants
Tel: 01633 680 121
Hardy and half-hardy jungle-themed or exotic plants

Bee Happy Plants & Seeds
Tel: 01460 221815
Bee-focussed perennials, shrubs, trees, climbers, edibles, wild plants and seeds
Soil Association certified
Only peat-free compost used

Bluebell Cottage Nursery
Tel: 01928 713718
Perennials, both classic and unusual
Peat-free compost used for potting on (some bought-in young plants may contain peat; customers may enquire before ordering)
Plastic-free mail order available; pots can be returned for re-use

Caves Folly Nurseries
Tel: 01684 540631
Soil Association certified
Member of Saving Pollinators Assurance Scheme

Tel: 01691 657178
Perennials and bulbs
Peat-free compost used for potting on
Plastic-free mail order available; pots can be returned for re-use

Cornwall Plants
Tel: 07982 996713
Wildlife-friendly and native species, hardy perennials, shrubs, groundcover, unusual houseplants, orchids and succulents

Earthed Up!
Tel: 01773 856226
Perennial vegetables, herbs, fruit and seeds

Tel: 01795 537662
Fruit, vegetables, herbs and wildlife-friendly perennials, shrubs and hedging
Plants sold plastic-free

Tel: 01635 578113
Perennials, shrubs, snowdrops and unusual edible plants

Growild Nursery
Rare and unusual plants and seeds, especially hardy perennials from Japan, China and the Himalayas

Gwynfor Growers
Tel: 01239 654151
Pollinator-friendly classic and contemporary plants, and rare and unusual plants. National Plant Collection of Salvia rosmarinus cultivars

Tel: 07979 764677 (4pm-6pm)
Japanese maples

Jemimas Garden
Tel: 07340 501492
Wildlife-friendly flower seeds and meadow mixes

John Cullen Gardens
Tel: 07931 634933
Perennials, shrubs, herbs, bulbs, seeds and houseplants. National Plant Collection of Achillea millefolium

Kitchen Garden Plant Centre

Tel: 07492 903325
Herbs and edible plants

Tel: 07782 378697
Mint. National Plant Collection of Mentha

Organic Gardening Catalogue
Tel: 01932 878570
Vegetable, herb and flower seeds, green manures, fruit trees and soft fruit bushes, bulbs and edible mushrooms
Soil Association certified
Only peat-free compost-used

Organic Plant Nursery
Tel: 01156 771716
 Wide range of herbaceous plants
Peat-free, plastic-free, certified carbon neutral

Penlan Perennials
Tel: 01239 842260
Member of Saving Pollinators Assurance Scheme

Plants, Shoots and Leaves
Tel: 01620 823536

Poyntzfield Herb Nursery
Tel: 01381 610352
Herbs (plants and seeds)

Organic Bulbs Ltd.
Tel: 01373 888720

Shady Plants
Tel: +353 24 86998
Ferns, hostas and other shade-loving plants

Tamar Organics
Tel: 01579 371087
Seed (flower, vegetable and green manure) and fruit trees/plants
Soil Association certified

The Herbary
Tel: 01985 844442
Vegetable, herb and green manure seed

The Little Green Plant Factory
Tel: 01482 860474
Perennials, shrubs, trees, climbers and grasses
Plants sold plastic-free

Tradescantia Hub
National Plant Collection of tender Tradescantia cultivars

Walcot Organic Nursery
Tel: 01905 841587
Fruit trees
Soil Association certified

Welsh Organic Wildflowers
Tel: 07515 881150
British wild flower seed
Soil Association certified
Plants sold plastic-free
Member of Saving Pollinators Assurance Scheme

Disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list. If you are an organic UK nursery offering mail order or online sales and are not on this list, please contact us.

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