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RHS Garden Hyde Hall, CM3 8ET

RHS Garden Hyde Hall, CM3 8ET


Creephedge Lane Rettendon Common


RHS Garden Hyde Hall


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    Thursday 28 July 2022, 10.15am–4pm 

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    Sun prints

Create beautiful sun prints of botanical subjects, known as cyanotypes. This is a photographic printing process, known as a blueprint, developed by Sir John Herschel in 1842 using light-sensitive iron salts which turn blue in sunlight. 

You will create cyanotypes using botanical objects such as leaves or flowers (or items you bring) and will learn the complete process from mixing the chemicals, coating the paper, UV light exposure and washing out to develop the image. You will also learn variations of this traditional technique such as multiple exposures and masking. 

Please note this process has variable results depending on sun strength, exposure time, type of paper and subject matter, but this is what makes it so interesting. If the sun does not appear the exposures will take longer but we will also have access to a UV lightbox. 

Aprons will be available to borrow.

Tutor: Marion Sidebottom

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